Casa Lapostolle Cuvée Alexander Merlot 2005

Каса Лапостол Кюве Александър Мерло 2005

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Casa Lapostolle
Chile (Чили) 
Merlot (Мерло)

Carmenere (Карменере)
€ 21.99  
Added by iliamarkov
13 Aug 2010

Winemaker's notes:
Color: Bright and deep red ruby with a purple robe. Nose: Apalta-s vineyard fruit expression as its best. Plums, cherries, blackberries and blackcurrant with sweet spices coming from elegant French oak aromas. Black spices from the Carmenère gives a unique and complex additional Mouth: Powerful and deep structure that surprises. Soft and chewy palate that evolve towards a long and pleasant finish with a very well achieved balance. Service and food pairing. Ready to drink now or cellar for several years. Decant and serve at 16-18. Ideal companion for meats and elaborate dishes.

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How to drink it
Food: Chicken, Chicken Smoked, Couscous, Duck, Ham, Lamb (Grilled, Broiled), Pasta with Tomato Sauce, Pasta with Vegetables, Pizza, Quiche, Rabbit, Sausage, Spicy Chinese, Steak (Grilled, Broiled), Tuna, Turkey, Veal, Червени меса, изискани блюда,
Cheese: Gouda, Gruyere, Pecorino Toscano
Temperature: 16-18 °C
Vertical Tasting
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Vertical Tasting - A vertical tasting involves wines from different vintages but all the wines will come from the same winery. If the winery produces more than one type of wine, you would select a single wine from that winery and taste multiple vintages of that wine. For instance, you might have 5 ...
Comments & Ratings
13 Aug 2010
Дълбок гранатов цвят с пурпурни отенъци. Носът е богат, но сдържан, усещат се различни тъмни горски пловоде - къпини, боровински, черни череши, сливи, обвити от меки земни тонове (пръст). Вкусът е многостепенен. Започва с плодовете, допълва се от леки тютюневи и шоколадови нотки и завършва с лека пикантност на езика. Танините са хармонични. Вино от много висока класа, може би е на края на свежестта си - ако имате, пийте го скоро!